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                     WHY HAVE A BIKEFIT?


Cyclist spend large amounts of money on buying their ultimate bike.  However the majority spend most of their time riding these expensive machines feeling uncomfortable with a sore back, neck, numb hands, sore butt etc.   This is not 'normal' and is certainly not 'just part of cycling'. 


Bikefit and Sports Science can assess your body and your bike and fit the two together so that next time you are flying along a smooth fast section of road you wont even notice where you are attached to the bike.

           INCREASED                    POWER  &  EFFICIENCY

Cycling is a sport that uses the large muscle groups of the legs, back, core and even the arms. It doesn't matter how well you are sitting on the bike if the power you generate is not being transferred into the pedals and cranks correctly. 


At Bikefit and Sports Science we not only ensure that you are sitting correctly on the bike (to maximise power and efficiency of the muscles and joints involved in pedalling), but we also place a major focus on the foot / pedal interface (something that most other bikefitting systems dont look at).  This ensures that the power your legs generate can be translated straight into the bike via the cranks and pedals.


Cycling is a sport very high in overuse injuries.  In one ride, a cyclist can perform anywhere between 20,000 to 50,000 pedal strokes per leg (a total of up 100,000 pedal strokes combined).  Even a small mis-alignment in how your feet are positioned or your seat is set will be magnified with this repetitive action leading to overuse injuries. 


A Bikefit and Sports Science fit will ensure you are sitting on your bike comfortably to suit your body's biomechanics.  This will reduce the risk of overuse injuries and keep you riding in comfort all day ,every day.


By increasing your power, comfort and efficiency on the bike, your performance will improve significantly.  Bikefit Systems have been used by Olympic Champions, National Champions and World Champions and are currently used by professional teams all over the world.  This is one of the oldest and best bikefitting systems in the world.


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