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How long does a Bikefit take?


The average Bikefit takes around 2 - 2.5 hours.   The actual length depends on the results of the functional movement screen and how your body is aligned.


What do I bring to my Bikefit?


You need to bring your bike in working order, your bike shoes, a pair of joggers (this for us to look at the wear patterns on the feet, as well as to be worn for the FMS screen), your bike riding gear (needs to be tight fitting to allow for effective analysis)


How much does a Bikefit Cost?



A BSS bikefit will cost $320.00 (including the FMS Screen).  If you have a second bike this can be fitted for $150.00.


A cleat setup/adjustment with laser knee alignment costs $100 (or is included in a full bikefit).  This service will ensure that your feet and knees are tracking  correctly ensuring you can ride for miles and miles with maximum efficiency and without putting undue pressure on your feet or knees.


The majority of parts required for the bikefit are included in this cost (eg cleat wedges, leg length shims etc), however from time to time people may require additional pedal spacers which can add some small additional costs.


I had a bikefit at my local bikeshop, how is BSS different?


For a full answer to this question see this page (What makes us different) but briefly, Bikefit and Sports Science staff are all university trained Health Care Professionals with years of experience.  We are all certified clinical Bikefitters with Bikefit Systems.   BSS pays special attention to the foot / pedal interface ensuring that your cleats are positioned correctly.  BSS includes a full movement screen prior to performing the bikefit to screen for any movement dysfunction and risk for injury.


I had a bikefit with BSS and it still doesnt feel 'right'?


Following your initial bikefit at BSS, we ask that the first ride you do after your fit is no more than 50km.  It may take a couple of weeks before your new fit feels 100%.   Your body might be sore in different areas etc (this is normal as with going to the gym for the first time).   If at any time you have any questions or concerns contact BSS and we will happily perform a follow up appointment where further adjustments can be made as necessary.






Can I buy Bikefit products from Bikefit and Sports Science?


Yes, Bikefit and Sports Science stocks a wide range of bikefitting products that are available for purchase.   While BSS is not a bikeshop and works closely with all the local bikeshops, BSS does stock a range of saddles and stems for bikefitting purchases.   If you find a comfortable saddle using our unique "Switch it" saddle testing device you are welcome to purchase directly from BSS or go to your local bikeshop to purchase this.


I'm really short on time with work and family, can I have my bikefit at after hours?


Yes, Bikefit and Sports Science is open most weekends and weeknights.  In addition to this, your bikefit can be divided up into 2 or 3 sessions to allow for 1 hour at a time.


Can I claim my bikefit on my private health?


In some situations your private healthcare insurer may cover services such as Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, other Healthcare Spending etc. It's best to check with your private health provider to find out exactly what they cover.


Can you tell me what size bike to buy?


Bikefit and Sports Science is a bikefitting company.  Our aim is to fit you to the bike you own provided it is within a certain tolerance.  We can advise you on which size might suit you but your local bike shop are the experts when it comes to choosing the correct size frame.

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