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You should never have to ride in discomfort

Some photos and videos on this website are courtesy of Bikefit Systems

A proper bikefit is a biomechanically based, scientific approach to fitting you to your most prized posession - your bike!  Bikefitting goes far beyond the initial bike setup you get at your local bikeshop when you purchase your bike.  A professional bikefit starts with the feet, where all the power you generate goes into moving the bike forward.


Many cyclists comment that they have 'sore feet', 'sore bum', 'numb hands', 'sore back or neck', 'saddle sores' and it is generally accepted that this is all part of being a cyclist.   At Bikefit and Sports Science we believe that this is unnecessary and strive to ensure that you are comfortable and pain free on your bike at all times.  We will alter the bike to fit your unique body shape. 


If you have had previous injuries these can also change the way you sit on your bike (even though you might feel like the injury has been resolved).  Bikefit and Sports Science are experts at addressing these issues and helping you become 'one' with your bike.   In a similar way if you have 'bow legs', 'knock knees', or walk with your toes pointing in or out, we can adjust your feet to ensure that your bike riding position resembles the exact positioning that your legs require.  Failure to address these factors in your bike setup can result in long term injuries.  


It doesnt matter whether you are a first time rider or a seasoned professional, its never too late to get fitted to your bike.  You will be amazed at the improvements in power, efficiency and comfort a BSS Bikefit can provide.


Bikefitting involves analysing the saddle, handlebars, brake levers, hoods, stem, and most importantly shoes, cleats and pedals.  Unlike most other bikefitting systems, at Bikefit and Sports Science we look at EVERY aspect of the cyclist and their connection to the bike.


A BSS Bikefit starts with a full background review including training history, injury history, goals etc.  We then perform a full FMS functional movement screen to analyse movement patterns and identify movement dysfunction.  We also check for structural and functional leg length differences and other alignment discrepancies prior to even starting the bikefit.  This allows us to have a deep understanding of you and your body in order to effectively fit your bike to you (and you to your bike).  A BSS Bikefit involves performing a comprehensive video analysis looking at both the front, side and rear view of you on your bike, and also uses the precision of laser light to evaluate and fit you to your bike accurately.  We can evaluate real time movement in slow motion to determine exact body mechanics during the pedal stroke; making a BSS Bikefit like no other.




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