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                    WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?





A large number of our clients are people who have had an alternate bikefit using other systems and are not happy with the results. They still have sore feet or knees, sore back or generally don't feel 100% comfortable on their bike.  They may 'look' like they should if you consult a text book and a computer simulation or formula, but that 'text book' fit is not right for them.  In fact, several professional riders regularly come to Bikefit Systems Fitters as they understand it will give them the most comprehensive fit available.  


The foot pedal interface is a cyclist most important connection to the bicycle.  Experience indicates that the majority of cycling discomfort originates at the feet.  Unfortunately this is also the the most under-served aspect in most bikefits today.  In fact, we find this connection to the bike is not considered at all in most other fitting systems.   If you have not had a thorough assessment of your feet and cleats you have only had a partial bikefit.


When you go for a Bikefit you need to look for a system that properly adjusts EVERY connection point on the bike.  The Bikefit System is the only public bikefit offering to focus on the foot / pedal interface.  Unlike other fitting systems, we dont just look at a series of dots on a screen which dont take into account whats going on between those dots.  A BSS Bikefit is a system based on angles and alignment, not just using a formula or computer simulation.  At Bikefit and Sports Science we assess the curves in your WHOLE back, the positioning of your whole body in real time as well as focussing on the foot / pedal interface.  There is no point having a bikefit that looks great from side on but leaves your knees moving around like 'wet noodles'.  Your feet are the main connection point to the bike and as a result, if they are not adjusted correctly, will have the largest potential to reduce performance and increase the risk of injury.  At Bikefit and Sports Science we will get your feet adjusted in a way that sees your legs moving up and down like two precisely adjusted 'pistons'.


At BSS we also pay close attention to your saddle as we understand the impact that the incorrect saddle can make.  We do not ask you to simply 'sit on a box' to measure your sit bones to determine which saddle is right for you.  For more information on this see our 'saddle centre' page.


There are many places you can go to get a 'Bikefit', however very few fitting systems actually offer the quality and attention to detail that a BSS Bikefit can provide.  A BSS Bikefit uses a multidimensional approach that looks at EVERY aspect of the cyclist and their connection to the bike. We use a comprehensive video analysis of the front, side and rear view as well as the precision of laser light evaluation to fit you to your bike.   We can evaluate real time movement in slow motion to determine exact body mechanics during the pedal stroke.


In addition to the points above, Bikefit and Sports Science use only the best quality parts.  All our wedges, spacers and other bikefitting equipment come from Bikefit Systems.  All parts are made using the highest quality materials.  While many have tried, no other fitting systems can match the quality of the Bikefit Systems products. 









One of the biggest differences between Bikefit and Sports Science and other fitting systems is that we are fully accredited health professionals / clinicians with majors in biomechanics.  We are all certified with Bikefit Systems (the second oldest fitting system in the world), and Functional Movement Screen - FMS2 Certified (see FMS tab on website).  David at Bikefit and Sports Science is currently the only Clinically Certified (Level 2) Bikefit Pro in Australia.  Physiologists and physiotherapists are the movement specialists and have a thorough understanding of the biomechanics of the human body both on and off the bike.   Bikefit and Sports Science also use Bikefit Systems products that are currently being used by cyclists and triathletes in every major event across the world.









Most fitting systems that are computer based do not take into account movement dysfunction, asymetries, leg length discrepancies, pre existing injuries or risk of future injury.  Rather, they fit you to the bike from a side on view that does not necessarily account for these factors.   Bikefit and Sports Science will address all these factors before even starting the 'on the bike' portion of the fit by performing a full Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  It is important to identify any movement dysfunction or asymmetry prior to a bike fit.  Otherwise, your fit will include compensatory adjustments to accommodate for faulty movement patterns (ie other fit systems can actually be amplifying incorrect movement patterning increasing the risk of injury).





At Bikefit and Sports Science we understand the importance of the foot / Pedal connection.  It is the power generating connection point between the human and the bicycle and this connection is what actually makes the bike go forward.  Obviously, the positioning of the saddle and handlebars is important too especially when it comes to comfort on the bike and aerodynamics, however they do nothing to actually propel the bike forward.  We use laser precision to ensure that your feet and knees are positioned where they should be.  Bikefit Systems is one of the only fitting systems that is based around the foot / pedal interface which improves pedaling efficiency and power, as well as ensuring the knees are tracking correctly - reducing the risk of long term injuries.  Most other bikefit systems do not take this into account.  




When you consider that on a 100km bike ride you legs will rotate the pedals between 20,000 to 50,000 times, if your foot / pedal positioning is wrong, you are wrong over 20,000 times in just one bike ride.  Even a small mis-alignment in how your feet are positioned can be magnified with repetition leading to overuse injuries.  So why do many fitting systems ONLY talk about wind tunnels and aerodynamic positioning?  From an injury and performance prospective, if you make these 20,000+ rotations with your feet incorrectly positioned think about the possible damage you could be doing to your knees, feet and ankles and the effects on your overall performance.  Most bikefit systems do not take this into account.   AT BSS WE DO!



I recently viewed a video of another fit system where they discussed moving someone's cleat forward to account for a suspected leg length discrepancy.  This made me raise my eyebrows, as not only does this not adequately correct the leg length discrepancy, it would likely produce a change in foot angle, change the pressure area of the shoe, and in the long run reduce power and increase risk of injury.   Without X-rays there is no way to correctly determine whether the leg length difference is in the Femur or Tibia so this cleat stagger is unlikely to achieve the desired outcome and may create additional problems.  At BSS we use Bikefit Systems leg length shims which allow us to keep the foot the same as the other side (symmetrical) while accounting for the LLD.   At Bikefit and Sports Science we can first determine whether your leg length difference is structural or functional and  in rare situations we may even suggest an X-Ray to be 100% sure before we fit for leg length differences.







At Bikefit and Sports Science, we are not about 'quick fixes'.  We take the time to get it right and ensure that you are totally comfortable on your bike and are able to ride for miles injury free.


Most Fitting systems  do not incorporate the front view in their bike fitting.  This is like building a nice house on sand. What good is a house without a strong foundation? A BSS bikefit works on the same principal using the foot / pedal interface as the foundation for a great fit.


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