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Are they the same?


Bikefitting is DIFFERENT to bike sizing, however they do go hand in hand.  Bike sizing is done to determine the correct frame size, however bikefitting is done to modify the bike to match the riders unique body makeup to achieve the desired positioning.  In most cases, Bikefit and Sports Science can fit you to your bike, however in some cases we may discover that your bike is too small, short or large for you.  This generally occurs when someone purchases a bike online and not from their local bikeshop where they can be properly sized up.


If you are unsure of what frame size to purchase, Bikefit and Sports Science are happy to answer any sizing specific questions you may have, however we are not a bike sizing company and the final decision on what size bike to get ultimately rests with you and your local bikeshop.   We can then modify the setup of this bike to fit your unique body architecture using specialised tools. ( see list below).



Tools used in Bikefitting

Self Leveling Lasers


Forefoot Measuring Device

Salsa Size O'Matic Stem



Pedal Spacers

Switchit saddle changer

Products such as wedges, pedal spacers, etc. (see images on the left) are avaliable for purchase at the BSS Bikefit Studio.  Contact BSS for more information.

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