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How to become a BikeFit Pro?

Bikefit and Sports Science is currently the only provider of Bikefit Systems Certified Education in Australia.  We provide courses and training to teach you the art and science of BikeFit.  People who complete the training will be issued with certification as a Bikefit Pro from Bikefit Systems and will also be listed on the 'Find a Bikefit Pro' page on the Bikefit Systems Website.


BikeFit Pros are professional bicycle fitters who begin by completing Level One (Green) BikeFit Education, and making an on-going commitment to helping cyclists in the best way possible.  Purchasing BikeFit products, such as Cleat Wedges, for use in bike fits goes with the territory.  We're not going to tell you how to conduct your business.  But we do expect you'll provide the same in-depth analysis and adjustment during a fitting that we provide during our trainings.


At BikeFit we know that a real world environment is not the same as a classroom.  Our training can be brought to you at your location (you'll save time and money on travel and being away from the office), held at our studio in Springwood, or done in your workplace / home.  You'll learn ways to maximize the resources (tools and work space) that you already have to provide bike fits.  Our knowledge will provide insights to help make the most of your bike fitting services.


For Bikeshops:

If you or your staff have previous bike fit training, that is a big plus. BikeFit and Sports Science can help build on any previous training you have already.  We work with beginners and advanced fitters and will teach you how to  enhance your credibility and increase your sales, all while improving customer satisfaction.  We will help you keep your customers happy and riding their bikes!


For EP's and Physio's:

If you or your staff currently perform Bikefits or are keen to branch into this in your clinics, Bikefit and Sports Science can provide the education and training to ensure that you are able to provide the best possible BikeFit to your clients.


For Interested Cyclists:

If you are interested in learning how to perform a bikefit we hold courses throughout the year at various locations around Australia.  If you are interested in learning to Bikefit, contact us and we can advise you of when the next course will be held in your location. 


For all Education and Training information contact:




Brian Vander Stoep                            
Director of Education


"To improve at something, one needs to practice. Therefore, to be a better Bike Fitter, one needs to do more bike fits."

Paul Swift, Founder, BikeFit LLC

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